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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I plan my travel on the bus?

        We recommend downloading the SanteeBus App to plan your travel. You can also view or download

        schedules, maps, and ride guides here . You can also always call us at 803.775.9347 and we will gladly help

        you plan your travel. If you are an ADA passenger, call 803.775.9347 or TTY 711.


How do I catch the bus?

        Buses only stop at locations marked with a bench, shelter, or sign. We recommend arriving at your desired

        bus stop 5-7 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. When at a marked stop, stand near the sign so

        the driver knows that you want to ride. The driver may not stop for you if it doesn't look like you want to

        ride. Back away from the curb as the bus approaches to avoid the mirror on the side of the bus.


How do I buy my ticket?

        Tickets can be purchased on the bus or at the SWRTA office.


How do I board the bus?

        We recommend waiting for passengers to exit the bus before boarding.

        When boarding, please have your fare ready to give to the driver. When you

        are paying cash, please have exact change ready to deposit in the fare box.

        Remember, the driver does not carry change.


How do I exit the bus?

        One block before your stop, let the driver know you are getting off. The driver will then stop the bus as

        close to the next marked bus stop as can be done safely.


How do I ride the bus with my wheelchair?

        Each route is wheelchair accessible. All wheelchairs must be secured with tie-down straps while in the bus.


How do I bring my bike on the bus?

                                                Use your bike in combination with bus routes to make your travel even more

                                                convenient!  All buses are now equipped with bike racks. Our bike racks

                                                accommodate 2 bikes at a time and are designed to keep your bike away from the

                                                bus and other bikes. No additional fare is required when using the bike racks, so

                                                whether you're on your way to work, school, or play, bring your bike along for

                                                the ride.


                                                When the bus approaches and stops, you should have the bike ready to load, then

                                                let the driver know that you will be loading a bike. 


        Approaching from the curbside, you should lower the rack with one hand while supporting the bike with

        the other hand. After lowering the rack, you should place the first bike into the rack’s wheel well nearest to

        the bus. After quickly raising the support arm up and over the front tire, you should be ready to board the

        bus. Bikes should be loaded from the front or curbside of the bus for safe, efficient operation.


What is ADA Paratransit Service?

        This is a service for eligible persons who cannot use the fixed route bus system and live up to 3/4 of a mile

        on either side of a transit route.


When is ADA Paratransit Service available?

        Service is available in Sumter, Shaw, Lee or Orangeburg; Monday through Friday, from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00

        p.m. with no service on the weekends.


How do I apply for ADA Paratransit Service?

        You must complete an application. The ADA Paratransit application is a two-part process. You will need to         complete your portion of the application and then have your health care professional complete the

        second part.  Once the application is completed, simply return it to SWRTA.  It may take up to three (3)

        weeks to process your application.


        Once your application has been received, we will review it for approval. If you are approved, you will

        receive a notification letter from SWRTA. Once you have received that letter, you should contact SWRTA

        to make an appointment for a photo ID card to be processed for you.  You then simply show your card to

        your driver when you board the vehicle.  If your application is denied, you may appeal within 60 days of


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