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Rider Tips

  • Pay the correct fare and have fare ready when boarding SWRTA buses or you may be refused boarding.

  • Proper clothing including a shirt and shoes, is required.

  • Eating and drinking on the bus is prohibited. Food and drink are allowed in closed containers only.

  • Eating and drinking at the Bus Station is permitted provided that you dispose of the waste from your eating or drinking.

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on public transit buses or facilities under Federal law.

  • No smoking/vaping on buses, within 20 feet of the opening of a door or inside the bus station.

  • Keep your cell phone on vibrate and/or speak in a low voice. The use of audio/video equipment requires headphones.

  • No flammable, hazardous materials or weapons shall be allowed on board the bus (except oxygen).

  • Allow persons with disabilities and the elderly priority designated seats.

  • Service animals are allowed on SWRTA buses. Pets may ride if they are carried in small containers and must be controlled.

  • No unnecessary conversation or interference with bus operator for safety reasons.

  • Refrain from using vulgar or offensive language or any behavior that disturbs or endangers other customers.

  • Large objects that cannot be held by the customer or placed under seat are prohibited. Customers are allowed up to three shopping bags or packages. Bus operators may provide assistance at their discretion.

  • It is a felony to assault or attempt to assault a bus operator.


​If you violate these rules or other federal, state or local laws on or at a SWRTA vehicle or facility, you will be removed from the bus and you will be banned from riding for a specific period of time.

You may receive verbal or written notice of suspension from SWRTA or its partner agencies. Failure to comply with either may subject you to arrest and/or prosecution for criminal trespass. You have the right to review or appeal a suspension.

Track Your Bus

Download the FREE SanteeBus app from the App Store or Google Play! Track the bus routes live, send alerts and reminders plus plan your trip.


You can also visit  

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129 S Harvin St, Sumter, SC 29150


James E. Clyburn Intermodal Transportation Center

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